Nantes - La Baule - Amboise - Blois - Orléans - Tours LIEUX UNIQUES ® 44-41-37-45
Emmanuelle graduated with a bachelor's degree (Celsa, Science Po, 3rd cycle of HRM). She worked for 12 years as an HR Director and coach for a major retailer and then began her individual therapy for 10 years specializing in brief psychotherapy and therapeutic hypnosis.

"During all these years, I have been many times the owner of unique places and have developed a real competence in terms of property selection.After having found that the property market of luxury and luxury goods is still based on the same base classic - prestigious stores and traditional brands - which does not necessarily correspond to the expectations of a pressing, modern, demanding and connected customers, i participated in the creation of LIEUX UNIQUES ® with this ambition of a luxurious, trendy, charismatic brand, endearing, and feminine.
This brand is a real gem and I am proud to represent it as a real estate agent with the card CPI 4101 2015 000 000 964."

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