Nantes - La Baule LIEUX UNIQUES ® 44
At 38, Sebastien has forged a mental steel in the practice of sport: he is combative, dynamic and spares no effort to succeed. Sébastien, a young businessman from Nantes, has set himself a beautiful goal: to become a reference in luxury real estate in Nantes and Loire Atlantique. His favorite quote: "I never lose, either I win or I learn". Nelson Mandela.

"I was immediately seduced by the brand " LIEUX UNIQUES ® ". I then contacted Cédric Larzul, who was very responsive and convinced me to join his team.
I adhere 100% to the objectives and values of "Unique Locations" communicated by Cédric. Together, our requirement, our work, our relationship and our professionalism will allow us to make LIEUX UNIQUES ® a must for luxury real estate in Loire Atlantique and elsewhere. "

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Real estate listings by Sebastien