Legal Mentions & Fee Schedules of our Agency


  • 4, rue du 1er Septembre
  • 41000 Blois
  • Disclaimer : EURL
  • Capital : 90,000 €
  • Manager : Mr LARZUL Cédric
  • Guarantor : GALIAN
  • Company Registration Number BLOIS : 790 024 848
  • VAT number : FR30 790 024 848
  • Professional ID card : CPI 4101 2015 000 000 964 (CCI de Loir et Cher)
  • délivrée le 09/12/2022 et valable jusqu'au 08/12/2025
  • For the sake of customer protection
    ARTTIM GROUP EURL declares on its honor, not to receive any funds from the Transactions activity with the exception of trading fees.
    But can hold funds on the Property Management business.

    Real Estate Transactions
    RC Pro: GALIAN - Police N ° 120.137.405
    Financial guarantee 120,000 euros for the transaction activity on Real estate and business
    GALIAN, 89, rue de la Boétie 75 008 Paris No. 45 454 G.

    Property management
    RC Pro: GALIAN - Police N ° 120.137.405
    Financial guarantee 120,000 euros for the property management activity
    GALIAN, 89, rue de la Boétie 75 008 Paris No. 45 454 G.

    Deposit at INPI
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    The photos of the products presented on the site are true to the real products and belong to the company exclusively.
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    MEDIATOR : Mediation of Consumption & Heritage
    Philippe TREMAIN
    12 sq. Desnouettes 
    75015 Paris


  • Hosting

  • OVH
  • 2 rue Kellermann
    59100 Roubaix
  • Disclaimer : SAS
  • Company Registration Number : Lille 424 761 419
  • Fee Schedule

  • Transactions

  • Sale of residential property (as of 30-03-2022)
    Value of the property - Amount of Fees
    Less than 100,000 € : 6500 € All tax included 
    Between 100,001 € to 150 000 € : 8500 € All tax included
    Between 150,001 € to 200 000 € : 6.50 % All tax included
    Between 200,001 € to 300 000 € : 6.00 % All tax included
    Between 200,001 € to 300 000 € : 5.50 % All tax included
    Above 400.000 € : 5.00 % All tax included

    (The fees are the responsibility of the sellers from 03/22/2024, all mandates prior to this date, the fees are the responsibility of the buyers).

    Transaction of business assets, premises, commercial or professional premises
    10% excluding taxes of the expressed price
    With a minimum of €6,500 including tax

    new programs
    7% excluding taxes with a minimum of 6.500 € TTC

    Sale of building land
    10% excluding taxes with a minimum of 3.600 € incl.

    Delegation of mandate
    40% for the Partner Agency

    120 euros HT or 144 € TTC.
    Free if the estimate leads to the production of a mandate.
    Schedule of fees H.T. (VAT 20% extra).

    Drafting of Compromise with its annexes
    The drafting of compromises is invoiced to buyers at 240 euros including tax.
  • Rental and Rental Management

  • Rental Management

    All of our rental management services are subject to the following scale:

    Fees are 5.80 % excluding VAT.

    Negotiation fees (exclusively payable by the owner): 120 euros including VAT.

    • Steps to find tenants (newspapers, internet, signs, mailing, etc.).
    • Rigorous selection of the tenant based on their solvency (guarantees, deposits, unpaid rent insurance, etc.).

    Drafting of the lease and inventory (see prices in the table)

    • Drafting of the rental contract.
    • The lease renewal is billed at 200 euros excluding VAT for both the owner and the tenant.
    • The inventory of fixtures at the tenant's entry and exit.
    • Updating of technical diagnostics according to changes in regulations.
    • Implementation (handing over of keys, inventory).
    • Collection of rents and reduced repayment of management fees.
    • The possibility of setting up an unpaid rent or even rental vacancy guarantee (at your request, on quote and at an additional cost).
    • The edition and sending of a monthly or even quarterly management report.
    • The study of the annual adjustment of the rent according to the Rental Reference Index (IRL).
    • The readjustment of rental charges according to the elements that you send us.
    • The annual verification of the renewal of the tenant's home insurance.
    • Monitoring of the tenant and in particular the monitoring of repairs incumbent on the tenant and the owner.

    Cost for sending a due date or receipt: €0
    Cost for sending a monthly statement: €0
    Cost of support for the management of minor works: €0

    Study of tenant solvency

    It is important not to make a mistake when choosing the tenant. A solvency study is necessary. Solvency means that the amount of rent and charges must not exceed one third of the tenant's net income. Our company therefore takes particular care in studying all the documents required for this study (in compliance with the rules in force).

    If the lessor requires the payment of a security deposit, its amount must be included in the lease agreement. The security deposit is systematically retained by the lessor.
    It cannot exceed 1 month's rent, excluding charges (except furnished rental: 2 months).
    For any rental, the owner must provide the Energy Performance Diagnostic, as well as the measurement of the living area.
    The rental fees are communicated to you before any commitment and are only due upon signing the lease.
    In addition, it is advisable to add (at your request only) "Unpaid Rent" insurance contract: 2.50%.
  • The Law

  • In accordance with the decree of 1 August 2014 for the application of the provisions of law no. 2014-366 of 24 March 2014 known as the ALUR law (for Access to Housing and Renewed Urban Planning) in particular with regard to the application of rental fees for residential use.

    The legal ceiling applicable for our geographical area is €8 including tax/m² for the following services :

    • Multi-broadcasting.
    • Organisation of visits,
    • Preparation of the file,
    • Drafting of the lease,
    • Preparation of the file.
  • Rental fee

  • At the expense of the owner
    < à 45 m² 8,00 € All Taxes Included/m²
    from 46 to 55 m² 7,00 € All Taxes Included/m²
    from 56 to 65 m² 6,00 € All Taxes Included/m²
    from 66 to 75 m² 5,50 € All Taxes Included/m²
    from 76 to 85 m² 5,00 € All Taxes Included/m²
    from 86 to 100 m² 4.50 € All Taxes Included/m²
    101 m² and more 4.00 € All Taxes Included/m²
    At the expense of the tenant
    < à 45 m² 8,00 € All Taxes Included/m²
    from 46 to 55 m² 7,00 € All Taxes Included/m²
    from 56 to 65 m² 6,00 € All Taxes Included/m²
    from 66 to 75 m² 5.50 € All Taxes Included/m²
    from 76 to 85 m² 5,00 € All Taxes Included/m²
    from 86 to 100 m² 4,50 € All Taxes Included/m²
    101 m² and more 4,00 € All Taxes Included/m²
    To which it is necessary to add for the establishment of the state of the places of entry 3,00 € All Taxes Included/m² for each of the parties
  • tax incl. = All taxes included
  • Fee Schedule include the services of visiting, negotiating and setting up the sales file.

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