An Enchanting Unique Place : Corsica

An Enchanting Unique Place : Corsica

Corsica benefits from common criteria with the other islands: favorable effects of tourism and strong expansion of the construction, thus offering opportunities to the carriers of projects.
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A Unique Place BY excellence

That's why we love Corsica

An Enchanting Unique Place : Corsica
Corsica is a territory of strong culture and traditions. She is generous to anyone who wants to discover it. Languages, accents, dances, festivals... are the denominators common to all Corsican villages. Local wines and local know-how are the assets of the island. There is also a host of local producers who make the richness and typicity of the island : cutlers, blacksmiths, cabinetmakers, glassmakers, potters... There are also 300 historical monuments to visit.

The geographical situation of the island has allowed the development of a policy oriented towards pleasure and tourism: indeed, Corsica welcomes every year about 2.5 million people who come to visit the island (for about 327,000 natives) .

The agri-food industry sector represents the first industrial sector of the island of beauty by the number of companies and carries the image of Corsica abroad and on the continent.