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A Unique Place BY excellence

An Attractive Unique Place : Lyon - Lyon's Area

An Attractive Unique Place : Lyon - Lyon's Area

Lyon is at the crossroads of major European axes.

The road, rail, river and air networks are a great testimony to the opening of the city.
The major asset of Lyon is its dynamism. Second city of France the most structured in terms of economic competitiveness after Paris, large companies, all sectors combined, are located...
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An Enchanting Unique Place : Corsica

An Enchanting Unique Place : Corsica

Corsica benefits from common criteria with the other islands: favorable effects of tourism and strong expansion of the construction, thus offering opportunities to the carriers of projects.

Corsica is a territory of strong culture and traditions. She is generous to anyone who wants to discover it. Languages, accents, dances, festivals... are the denominators common to all Corsican villages. Local wines and local know-how are the assets of the island. There is also... See more
A dynamic unique place : Lille-Flandres

A dynamic unique place : Lille-Flandres

Rarely will a city, in just 25 years, have metamorphosed into a vibrant metropolis. It has become a colorful, bright, young and beautiful metropolis.

Lille has always been open to commercial and international exchanges, thus ensuring the presence of major companies and not least: Auchan, Castorama, La Redoute, the Three Swiss, Quelle, Damart, Chicorée Leroux, ... Lille is also the largest and most famous flea... See more
Luxury real estate agency of prestige, charm, luxury in Rennes-Saint-Malo

A Unique Fresh Location : Rennes-St-Malo

Brittany is the second largest French heritage region, with 2,900 protected monuments. It also has more than 4,000 castles and mansions.

Brittany has a flourishing economic and entrepreneurial fabric. Large companies are already established there, it is also an important agribusiness pole. Rennes has ambition; that of becoming a European metropolis (728,000 inhabitants with the agglomeration, of which 217,000... See more